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How Much Do Factoring Companies Charge?

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How much do factoring companies charge? What are the freight factoring rates in the US today? Why should you consider working with a factoring company?

Factoring companies provide businesses with the necessary financing to keep their operations running smoothly. Many factoring companies have relationships with suppliers or other financial institutions to help with the cost of starting a trucking company.

But, just how much do they charge for their services? Let’s explore the different types of factoring companies, their fees, and why it might be beneficial to work with one. Read on to learn more about what makes freight factoring an attractive option for small businesses. 

Understanding freight factoring rates

Freight factoring rates are fees charged by factoring companies that assist in the financing of freight bills. They are typically calculated as a percentage of the total amount being invoiced.

Most factoring companies offer a variety of rates, depending on the size and type of freight bill being invoiced. Usually, factoring companies offer a more competitive rate for larger freight bills since the amount of money being financed is higher. 

Factors that affect factoring fees for trucking

These are the factors that influence truck factoring rates: 


When it comes to factoring, trucking companies that move more freight and generate more invoices are in a better position to negotiate lower fees. The larger the volume of freight you move, the more bargaining power you have.

It’s important to keep in mind that factoring companies are looking to make money, but they also want to maintain long-term relationships with their customers. As such, they may be willing to lower fees if you can promise steady and reliable business over a period of time. 

Invoice size

The size of an invoice can play a big role in the freight factoring rate you can get. Generally speaking, larger invoices tend to attract higher fees as they offer more protection for the factor against potential collection issues. On the other hand, smaller invoices may be considered less risky and thus incur lower fees.

This is important to consider when assessing the cost of freight factoring services, as you may be able to negotiate better rates, especially if you have larger invoices. 


Factoring companies will evaluate the market to determine what other carriers are charging for similar services, as well as the size of their customer base. This helps them decide how much to charge for their services, depending on the carrier’s volume of shipments and customer base. 


Factoring companies charge fees for the risk they take when providing working capital to trucking companies. Factors that determine their risk level include a company’s credit rating, financial stability, and the amount of time it takes them to collect from clients. The higher the risk associated with a particular client, the higher their factoring fees will be.

An upside to working with factoring companies like Factoring Express is that you don’t need to worry about creditworthiness. This is because no matter the credit score of your company, you will be able to access capital from them. 

Different types of trucking factoring rates

Trucking factoring rates can vary depending on the factoring company and the specific needs of the trucking business. Here are the different types of trucking factoring rates: 

Flat Factoring Rate

This is a fixed rate that is charged as a percentage of the total invoice amount. It is a straightforward and simple fee structure that is easy to understand and calculate.  

Tiered Factoring Rate

This type of rate structure is based on the volume of invoices that are factored in a given period. The more invoices that are factored, the lower the factoring rate will be. This can be a cost-effective option for trucking companies that have a high volume of invoices. 

Advance Factoring Rate

This rate structure is based on the amount of cash advance provided by the factoring company to the trucking company. The factoring company will typically charge a percentage of the advance amount as a fee, which can vary depending on the specific terms of the agreement. 

Spot Factoring Rate

This is a one-time factoring fee that is charged for a specific invoice or set of invoices. This can be a good option for trucking companies that only need to factor invoices occasionally or on a one-time basis.

It’s important for trucking companies to understand the different types of factoring rates and to choose the one that best fits their business needs. Working with a reputable factoring company that offers transparent and competitive rates can help trucking companies to improve their cash flow and grow their business. 

Average freight factoring costs

Average freight factoring costs fall between 1% and 3%. This cost is based on the volume of invoices being factored and the amount of time it takes for customers to pay.

Some freight factoring companies may offer discounts when you factor more than one invoice at a time, so be sure to ask about any additional savings they may have available. 

How much does factoring cost?

At Factoring Express, we provide one of the best trucking factoring company rates for our clients. With us, you can get freight bill factoring rates as low as 1.99%.

Of course, the actual rates depend largely on the type of funding, factored amount, and customer risk. Nonetheless, the baseline of 1.99% makes us one of the most competitive factoring companies when it comes to rates.

We also provide add-ons, such as trucking accountant services. This way, you can focus on growing your business and delivering your customers’ goods promptly.

How Factoring Express can help

Choosing the right factoring company can make all the difference for your trucking business. Improve your cash flow with Factoring Express and you’ll be able to rest assured that you’re getting the most competitive rates in the industry.

We offer same-day funding and approval with no contracts and monthly minimums. With our trucking dispatch services company, you can get the cash you need quickly and without any long-term contracts.


What are the benefits of knowing the factoring fees for trucking?

Factoring companies provide an invaluable resource to trucking businesses by providing immediate cash advances on invoices. Knowing the fees associated with factoring services can help you make informed decisions and maximize your profits. 

What is the cost of invoice factoring?

Freight factoring rates typically fall in the range of 1% to 3% of the invoice amount. This fee is often paid upfront when you apply for financing, allowing you to start receiving funds quickly without waiting weeks or months for payment from customers. 

Why should I work with a factoring company?

Factoring companies offer a unique financial solution for businesses looking to access funds quickly and easily. Factoring allows business owners to sell their unpaid customer invoices to the factoring company. These companies will then pay out the invoice amount in full within a few days.

This is an attractive option for many businesses, especially those that are just starting their trucking companyy. This is because it provides them with immediate cash flow without taking on additional debt or waiting 30-90 days for payment from customers. 

Are there any additional benefits to factoring?

Factoring companies often offer additional services. In Factoring Express, we have fuel advance programs to help our customers keep their fleets running. We also offer accounting for trucking services, including taxes for truck drivers, and fuel cards for trucking

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