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Factoring for Staffing Companies In New York City

We Convert Invoices Into Cash

Instantly turn invoices into cash

Receive your funds within 24 hours once approved

No contracts or monthly minimums

Factor only when needed; cancel anytime

Same-day approval

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Invoice factoring for all agency types

Including temp, traditional, contingency, direct hire, etc.

What is factoring for staffing companies?

At Factoring Express, we understand that your success relies heavily on placing qualified personnel with clients. However, the lengthy payment cycles associated with the industry can put a strain on your financial resources. This is where our staff agency factoring can help.
Staffing company financing, also known as staffing factoring, involves the sale of accounts receivable to a third-party company like Factoring Express.
Instead of waiting weeks for clients to pay, staffing agencies can turn their outstanding invoices into immediate cash, giving them the much-needed capital to cover payroll, rent, marketing, and other expenses.
Staffing factoring companies like us also assume the responsibility of collecting from your clients, allowing you to focus on improving your services. We give you access to your needed working capital within 24 hours instead of 15, 30, or even 60 days on manual collections.
We work with agencies offering all types of staffing solutions, including temp, direct hire, staff leasing, staff provisions, outstaffing, and more.

How our staffing factoring works

Fill out the

Get started with medical receivables funding by filling out our application form and submitting all the requirements. 

Submit Claim

Start factoring medical receivables by sending us the claims you want to factor.

We verify
your Claims

Our team verifies the accuracy of your billing data. Groups claims into batches. Verifies clearinghouse results.

Get paid within
24 hours

Most verifications are completed on the same day, and you’ll get your funds within 24 hours! 

Fill out the
Get started with staffing financing by submitting all the needed requirements.
Submit your

Once approved, you can start factoring staffing invoices – feel free to choose which invoices you want to factor.

We verify
your invoice

Our team verifies the accuracy of your invoices. We can also verify through your client’s portal.

Submit your
first invoice

Get your funds within 24 hours once we confirm the eligibility of your invoices.

Contact us today!

Learn more about our factoring services and how we can tailor a solution to meet your unique needs. Together, let’s build a more profitable future for your staffing business!

Benefits of staffing invoice factoring

Streamlined cash flow

Instead of waiting 30, 60, or even 90 days for your clients to pay, we provide immediate funds up to 85% of your collectible A/R. No more worrying about late payments or struggling to cover expenses while you wait for clients to settle their dues.

Maintain steady payroll

Payroll is the life force of every staffing agency. Through our factoring payroll services, you will have a predictable source of capital to ensure timely payments to your employees and a good relationship with your workforce.

Focus on growth

With the help of factoring companies for staffing agencies, you will have sufficient financial resources to attract top talents, boost your marketing efforts, and expand your client base. You’ll have more confidence knowing you have the financial freedom to grow your business.

Expert support

Unlike other factoring companies for staffing, our experienced team understands the staffing industry inside and out. We provide personalized support, helping you navigate financial challenges and offering guidance to optimize your cash flow management.

Financial security

Aside from funding for staffing agencies, we can also assess the creditworthiness of your potential clients. Our factoring services will also help you evaluate whether a potential client will be a good payer.

Collection is our Priority

Our dedicated team will work with your staffing clients to collect all outstanding invoices.s

No Contracts

Choose which invoice you want to factor; cancel anytime

No Hidden Fees

Transparent pricing guaranteed – you know what you’re paying for.

Easy-to-use client portal

Access clients’ credit, collection reports, factoring reports, and paperwork all in one place.

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Why choose Factoring Express as your staffing factoring company

Factoring Express aims to be the best factoring company for a wide range of industries. Here’s why our clients trust our solutions:

Industry experience

We have worked with numerous staffing agencies throughout the United States - proof of our in-depth understanding of the staffing industry.

Fast and easy process

Fund your invoices within 24 hours – no long queues, excessive paperwork, or months of waiting.

Flexible funding

We work with almost every staffing agency, ensuring a tailored approach to meet the unique needs of your business.

Exceptional customer support

You’ll get a dedicated account manager providing ongoing support throughout your factoring relationship with Factoring Express.

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Benefits of factoring for businesses

Like the best factoring companies, our goal is to help your business grow by enjoying these benefits:

Instant cash

Get immediate payments on your invoices within 24 hours

Reduce Bad Debt

By having access to credit reports on new prospective clients.

Reduce overhead costs

Cut down your expenses associated with invoice processing and payment follow-ups

Offer better credit terms

Offer your customers better credit terms without negatively impacting your cash flow

See what clients say about
our staffing agency factoring

Vitali Muradyan

I recently used a Factoring Express company couldn’t be happier. The process was smooth and efficient and the customer service was outstanding. The company was very knowledgeable and provided me with the knowledge I needed to make the best decision for my business. I was able to get the money I needed to keep my business running and the rates were competitive.

Katie Cheb

Factoring Express is by far one of the best our company has ever used! GREAT communication and they address outstanding issues quickly! Working with them is extremely easy and hassle free,you get your invoices paid instantly and without any issues! Highly recommend!

Delta Group Inc.

I was signed up with another factoring prior to Factoring Express and it was the best change I have made. Their app is very easy to upload your bills and keep track of what was already purchased. Great experience overall and Natan is always extremely helpful.

Raul Gutierrez

Our experience with Natan and the team at Factoring Express could not have gone any smoother. Everyone we have dealt with at Factoring Express has been extremely professional and knowledgeable. I cannot imagine going with any other company!

Alex Baranouski

Great, great factoring company! Easy to work, everything is transparent and clear, no hidden fees. Highly recommended!!!

Freelance Trucking Inc.

Natan and his team are very professional! Excellent service. Highly recommended!

Colleen Brion

Great factoring company. Very flexible and offers a good rate. They approved me many times for funding which covered a lot of expenses of my trucking business. The guys protected me from bad brokers so I highly recommend them.

Evalyn Thurstan

I had worked with 5 factoring companies before and only Factoring Express worked for my freight business. They never pressured me to make decisions like others did. Their team walked me step by step in the invoicing/collection process.

Frequently Asked

Do you work with temp agencies?

Yes, we offer temp agency factoring, whether you specialize in skilled labor, healthcare, administrative support, or any other type of staffing.

Is factoring for staffing suitable for all types of staffing agencies?

Yes, because invoice factoring for staffing companies can be personalized to match your agency’s needs. At Factoring Express, we ensure a personalized approach based on the industry of your clients, your cash flow, and financial targets. Talk to us today to learn how our services can help your staffing agency. 

How does staffing factoring help with cash flow challenges?

Factoring companies help address your cash flow challenges by converting unpaid invoices into immediate cash. With instant funding, you no longer have to wait 30 to 90 days for clients to pay, giving you the much-needed capital to cover payroll and other expenses. 

How does my staffing agency qualify for factoring?

Most staffing agencies in the US qualify for our staffing company factoring. Feel free to contact us today to know if your agency qualifies for our service. 

How does factoring affect my agency’s relationship with our clients?

Factoring for staffing agencies will not harm the working relationship between you and your clients. In fact, factoring can help boost your relationship with clients by allowing you to offer better payment terms.

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