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What is The Best Fuel Card for Truckers?

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Fuel cards provide truckers a long list of benefits, including fuel, maintenance, and fleet discounts. With the soaring gas prices, fuel cards ease the burden of owner-operators. But with many options to choose from, what is the best fuel card for truckers?

In this post, you’ll learn more about fuel cards and the best option you can get for your trucking business. Read on to learn more about this perk.  

What is a fuel card?

A fuel card, also known as a fleet card, is a payment card used to buy fuel at gas stations. Unlike credit or debit cards, fuel cards provide discounts and special perks to the holder.

Aside from fuel discounts, fuel cards are also designed with other perks. A fuel card for truckers can also offer discounts on newly purchased trucks, insurance coverage, legal protection, and more.

Moreover, fuel cards offer convenience for truckers compared to paying in cash. It also makes it easier for them to come up with International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) reports.

Overall, fuel cards allow truckers to reduce their business costs, manage spending, and take advantage of unique perks. 

Coverage of a fuel card

Each fuel card has a specific set of inclusions, depending on the provider. For the most part, fuel discounts are the main benefit of this card.

Still, fleet cards go beyond fuel discounts. It may or may not include the following benefits: 

  • Vehicle maintenance discounts
  • Rebates on newly purchased trucks
  • Roadside assistance
  • Truck or car wash discounts
  • Legal protection assistance
  • Occupational insurance coverage
  • Adjustable spending controls 

Aside from that, fuel cards allow trucking companies to prevent fraudulent transactions and unnecessary expenses compared to using credit cards. Truckers no longer have to handle cash.

Moreover, fuel cards are available in a wide variety, depending on the trucker’s needs. The goal is to make the lives of truckers easier. 

Benefits of fuel cards for truckers

Fuel cards bring a lot of benefits to truckers. The following are the reasons why your fleet should have one: 

  • No more paying with cash. Handling cash is very inconvenient for truckers. So instead of counting bills and coins on the road, you can utilize a fuel card instead.
  • Cost savings. Fuel cards will let you enjoy fuel and maintenance discounts as well as rebates for your fleet.
  • Reduced administrative tasks. With fuel cards, you don’t have to collect physical receipts from truckers. All the expenses are recorded and can be accessed through the reporting feature of the app or software.
  • Payment security. Fuel cards have spending controls, which means only registered users can use them. Fuel cards give you added peace of mind and security compared to credit cards.
  • Reward points. Fuel cards allow you to collect reward points that can be used for future purchases. This incentive will enable truckers to save more money, especially on a lar get fleet.
  • Easier IFTA reporting. Fuel card providers record all your fuel purchases to create a full report. This will make it easier for you to comply with IFTA requirements.

Best fuel card for truckers

There are many fuel card options in the market, but not all provide the best benefits for truckers. If you’re on the hunt for a fuel card for your fleet, the following are the best contenders:

1. Factoring Express Fuel Card

The Factoring Express Fuel Card offers the perks of a fleet card with the added convenience of factoring, accounting, and fuel advances. It’s the best fuel card for truckers who want a one-stop solution for their finances.

Moreover, the Factoring Express fuel card offers premium fuel discounts to over 1,900 locations nationwide. It’s accepted by all major chains for every trucker’s convenience.

What sets this fuel card apart from its competitors is that it’s best for all fleet sizes. This card will serve you well whether you have a single truck or a large fleet.

Aside from the fuel card benefits, you can also take advantage of Factoring Express’s fuel advance program. You’ll enjoy discounts while advancing part of your delivery value to fund your fuel and business expenses.

On top of that, Factoring Express Fuel Card holders can also qualify for factoring service. You can get your invoices paid within 24 hours instead of chasing after slow-paying clients.

And to complete the ensemble, you can also take advantage of Factoring Express accounting services. Overall, they are a complete solution for all owner-operators who want to streamline their business. 

2. WEX Fleet FlexCard

Another popular option for truckers is the WEX Fleet FlexCard. It works for small to medium-sized fleets with decent discounts and perks.

Moreover, it works just like any fleet card with real-time reports. It has 24/7 customer service, just like Factoring Express.

However, the WEX fees aren’t shared publicly, which could be an issue for some truckers. 

Shell Fleet Navigator Card

The Shell Fleet Navigator Card is designed for fleets with 40 or more vehicles. It also offers rebates and special discounts on Jiffy Lube and Shell outlets.

Aside from that, the Shell Fleet Navigator Card sends itemized reports to help you track your expenses.

However, the maintenance perks are only exclusive to Jiffy Lube and Shell. Also, some cards carry substantial fees. 

How to choose the best fuel card for truckers

Choosing the right card for your fleet is crucial to maximizing all possible benefits. If you’re still weighing your options, here’s a quick guide on how to pick the right fuel card for your trucking business: 

Discount network

Each fuel card offers different discount programs on selected truck stops in the US. Knowing their discount network first is crucial to see if your route will let you maximize the benefits.

If you prefer a specific retailer or gas station, make sure it belongs to your chosen fuel card network.

Overall, a vast discount network is convenient for truckers with multiple US routes. 

Customer service

Good customer service is a crucial consideration when looking for a fuel card. Also, 24/7 support is ideal since truckers are hitting the road at any time of the day.

You’d want a hotline you can call if you’re encountering issues with your fuel card. This is handy in case your card gets declined, there are fraudulent alerts on your account, or you need to adjust your spending limits. 

Spending controls

Some fuel cards have spending control features to help truckers stay within budget. Others also allow postal restrictions to prevent drivers from using the card without permission.

Overall, spending controls are very helpful in preventing theft, fraud, and unauthorized use. Large fleets will benefit the most from this feature. 

Management and reporting tools

Many fuel cards, like the one from Factoring Express, offer management tools to let you control your usage.

You can access IFTA reports, spending reports, and other features. Other fuel cards also have mobile apps that let you check your account on the go.

Moreover, these tools let you locate fuel stops that offer the best discounts. It allows you to enjoy the perks whenever you hit the road. 

Fleet size

Another thing you have to consider is your fleet size. Fuel cards are often designed for specific fleet needs, depending on their size, route, and delivery load.

Fuel cards made for small fleets offer maximum fuel savings and discounts. It may not have the most comprehensive inclusions, but it suits the budget of small owner-operators.

Meanwhile, cards for medium to large fleets have a more comprehensive discount network and inclusions. However, it has higher fees and could have a minimum vehicle number to qualify.

The good news is that the Factoring Express Fuel Card caters to all fleet sizes. Approval is also fast so that you can enjoy the benefits right away. 

Card fees

Lastly, check how much fees the fuel card provider charges. This can either be on a monthly or per transaction basis.

Before you sign up for any fuel card, make sure that you know all the fees you’ll pay. This will prevent surprises, and you can also choose the fuel card that offers the lowest rates. 

Enjoy exclusive perks with your fuel card today!

Your fleet deserves the best perks whenever you hit the road. It lets you save money, streamline fuel expenses, and enjoy discounts. There’s really no disadvantage in getting a fuel card as long as it meets your needs.

If you’re looking for a reliable fuel card for your fleet, Factoring Express got you covered. Our versatile fuel card is accepted in major chains and over 1,900+ stops all over the country. Get started today to enjoy exclusive perks! 

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